About Us

DarkandPink was a daily comic site that launched April 1st, 2008. We were a daily comic site that released a comic every day of the year, but took a break for a few months... came back.. for a few months.. and then umm.. you know...

Lots of people are begging us to come back, and even asking for an explanation. So in a nutshell, each comic took up to 3 hours to create. With our busy lives.. becoming more busy, we were forced to make a decision on whether or not to keep living, or keep the comic alive. After a hard pressed argument... you know... cause death would have lead to the same conclusion... we had to close the comic. We would like to thank all of our fans, especially the ones that lived and breathed our comics. We love you as much as you love us!

Now back to the bio thingy...

DarkandPink's creative energy came from a few round heads of a small group of people from a tiny company in Vancouver. And if you were wondering, whenever we could, the characters and scenarios were modeled from actual people, actual conversations, and an actual company... us! For example, should you have walked into our office, and eavesdropped on our conversations in the given day, you would probably have got a sneak peek into a future DarkandPink comic.

I guess it was even possibly remotely considerably potentially maybe well more probably... not safe to describe some of the creators and characters interchangeably.

The general plot is a story about people who work in a design company and the every day events that surround their lives... but as time went.. those events seemed to warp into this amazing adventure of a design company...

Should something be too vulgar or crude for your head to wrap around… warning comics may be 18+, viewer discretion is advised you, read our Terms/Privacy, and finally, DARKANDPINK IS ADDICTIVE!

In the Downloads section you will see some artwork, desktops... creative materials you are free to download.

Other than that, if you have any questions or comment just hit us up at our contact page.